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While you may use a two piece suit on the track, they are generally regarded as street gear. The Fieldsheer Radar 2 Piece suit is a good example of a leather suit that contains some street oriented features. Pockets. It actually has pockets. It's not as street oriented as a textile suit, but being primarily constructed of leather, it offers more protection. The suit is also heavily perforated which makes it ideal for hot climates. In a solid leather suit I'm comfortable down to 40 degrees F. With the highly perforated Radar suit, my comfort level is 50 degrees F. On really hot days, it's much nicer than solid leather.

I only have three minor complaints with the suit. One, the sizing of the suit is a bit odd. For this test I weighed in at 220lbs, 6' 1" height, 48" chest, 36" waist and 34" inseam. I went with the XL size or 46 according to the Fieldsheer sizing chart. According to the chart, 48-50 chest, 33-34 sleave, 40-42 waist and 32.5 inseam. The waist on this suit is huge. If I don't wear the jacket, the pants will not stay up. There is also no way to cinch down the pants to fit my waist. This is a suit for somebody with a big belly. The chest on the suit is actually a bit snug, but not uncomfortably so. The legs and arms a bit snug, but only as snug as they should be. The rest of the suit fits wonderfully. My second complaint is the zipper that attaches the jacket to the pants is a slight bit finicky. It took me about 10 minutes the first time I tried to connect it. But now that I'm used to it, I can get it connected right away. Only occasionally do I not hold the zipper at the perfect angle to attache the two. My third complaint is that the collar has a really large diameter. It does not come anywhere near my neck. It doesn't cause any problems, however I've had bugs fly straight into my leathers through the neck opening.

The sleeve opening is rather large compared to some other leathers, but not too large. You can comfortably fit a watch under the sleeve. Some leathers have sleeves that are so tight at the wrist you can't wear a watch.


The padding on the elbows is nice and thick. The shoulder and back pads are sturdy stuff. Stiff outer shell with some padding inside.



There are two interior chest pockets, one velcro and one zipped. Both are large enough for a cell phone or wallet.



There are also two exterior pockets near the waist. They are a little high up but are quite useable. Again, wallet or cell phone sized.



There are sufficently adjustable side straps to snug the jacket down to my waist. Why no straps on the pants waist?


The zipper that secures the jacket to the pants is actually attached to the inner liner of the jacket. Most other two piece suits I've worn have the zipper attached to the leather. Attaching it to the leather seems more secure to me. However, the zipper attached to the liner gives it some more flex allowing it to stretch when in full tuck. This reduces binding. I just hope it's a secure when sliding down the road. Hopefully I won't have to find out.



There is a loop at the neck of the jacket, though I don't think I'd use it for hanging the jacket from. It feels like it will pull right out. There is a flap behind the front zipper, but as vented as the jacket is I'm thinking the only reason it is there is to keep the zipper from snagging your clothing. There is also a velcro strap at the top of the zipper which will secure the zipper when zipped all the way up.




The pants have very flimsy hip and butt padding. The hip pads are replaceable and I suggest replacing them with something sturdier.


There is a nice stretch panel behind the knee and the knee pads are very thick and removeable. There are no pucks included with the suit, you have to add your own.



The lower pants legs have two zipper options, one is a complete opening of the ankle and one simply enlarges the ankle opening. It would be useful for either over the pant boots, or under the pant boots.



The pants have a snap and zipper fly. Most of the waist is elastic material. It's not snug enough to stay up on it's own when I'm wearing it. I may have to sew some more elastic in, or sew some velcro straps in. Too bad, the rest of the suit fits great.



Other than a few minor annoyances I'm happy with it. I don't think you can get a much better suit without having a custom fitting performed.

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