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you too?

are you going to make all the redesign changes I did and then undo them like I did?

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Yeah.. I think so. :)

Yeah.. I think so. :) Trying to decide how to organize things and what direction to go with my blogging. Indecisive seems to describe the process best so far. Thought about starting up a site that includes other forms of motorsport as well. Played around with it.. undecided if it's really "my thing". Also, I don't really do anything first hand with auto racing.. I have much more exposure to the world of motorcycling. While I have the most experience with motorcycles, I thought I might like to break into the automotive world. Then there is my photography website.. I think the problem is, I have way too many hobbies. I think, with the warmer weather showing up, I'm thinking about putting more effort into this web site.