6 Miles

12 Mar

As some of you might remember, a couple of years ago I pulled a calf muscle, sorry.. soleus muscle, and ended up with DVT in my left leg. It's been an annoying slow recovery. However, my left leg seems to have mostly healed.. I'd say it's 98% as good as it used to be. My calf will still swell up the day after leg day at the gym, but it only swells slightly. It seems that I have developed a bit of a varicose vein behind my knee. It's just enough to add a little extra pressure to fluids in my left calf. However, I just ran 6 miles today and walked another 2 with no swelling at all, so I'm calling it healed.

Now for a bit of nagging. It's getting warm out in most of northern hemisphere. Riding season is fast approaching. We still have a few sloppy days ahead of us, however, it's not too cold to get out and get some exercise in. Ride your bicycles.. run.. you fat bastards can start by walking. Being in shape makes us better riders. No time like the present.