O'Neal Racing Typhoon Enduro Jacket

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The O'Neal Typhoon enduro jacket comes in any color you want as long as it's black. Yeah, I know, that was bad. But it's a good jacket. It's very durable and over the two plus years that I've been abusing it, it's taken it all in stride. It's not a water proof jacket exactly and it's not sold as one, but it keeps me dry in all but the worst down pours. The main weakness in it's weather proof defenses are the zip off sleaves. Water will leak in first around the seams at your shoulders and cuase water to leak down around your chest. I've never unzipped the sleaves. The jacket has enough ventilation and will stay securely in place when the front zippers are unzipped from the top and the bottom. This lets enough air in to keep you cool that I've never needed to unzip the sleaves. I also prefer to err on the side of being over protected.

The jacket is an unlined jacket. It has a thin inner liner that is there primarily for comfort. However, it does a good job of keeping you warm since it keeps most of the wind out. The black color does an excellent job of absorbing solar radiation and passing it inside to keep you nice and toasty when the sun comes out. It's a good offroad jacket for riding between 35 and 55 degrees F.

The protection it provides is excellent. I've had three off road get offs while wearing the jacket and the padding left me only slightly bruised. It's not quite as good at protecting you as a good chest protector and forearm guards would be, but it makes up for it in skin coverage. The shell is incredibly durable and has survived contact with trees, rocks and thorns. A local red squirrel has also decided that it's handy for storing nuts in during the winter months as well.

The pockets on this jacket are unreal. There are lots of them. You can pack every tool you need and enough snacks for an all day ride. It negates the need for a fanny pack, camel back or fender pack.

The only thing that's broken on the jacket in the two plus years I've been using it, is the velcro on one of the upper pockets. One side of the velcro cloth has come unstitched. It would be a simple matter to sew it back on. But, it's got another perfectly good patch of velcro on the other side and a snap in the middle that does an excellent job of backing up the missing piece. Perhaps one day I'll fix it.

The jacket did double duty as a road jacket for my late fall, winter and early spring rides to work on street bikes. It's that good at keeping the wind out.

I'd recommend it to anybody. Just keep in mind that it's not waterproof. If it were, it would be the ultimate jacket. I give it 4 out of 5.

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