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Progrip makes some great stuff. I've used their off road goggles a lot. I particularly like the light sensitive goggles. I thought it might be a good idea to try their light sensitive add on lens for my streetbike helmet. I ordered one and installed it.


I took the trusty RC to work the day after I installed it. The trip to work takes me almost due east most of the way. The sun is usually just coming up over the horizon when I'm forced to travel to work. Usually the sun is glaring right into the front of my helmet full force. The day I took the progrip equipped face shield to work with me was... no different. The sun pierced right through the "light sensitive" progrip full strength. The progrip refused to tint. Boy was I disappointed. The only saving grace was that normally the shield would fog up a little. The progrip did prevent that from happening, and it was 30 something degrees out. Ok, so it didn't tint. No big deal I told myself. The instructions had warned me that it wouldn't tint with some face shields, especially if the shield blocked uv. I guess mine did.

After work I had Tae Kwon Do practice. I jumped on the trusty RC again with my new progrip lens and proceeded down the road. It was raining and it was dark out. I found that the progrip made one set of headlights appear like 4 sets of headlights. The glare was terrible. It was reflecting between the face shield and the lens. I also found that the slight normal tint of the light sensitive lens provided just a tad too much tint for comfort under cover of darkness. When I got to practice, before embarking on the trip home, I ripped the pro grip off of my face shield. In my opinion it was downright dangerous at night.


Now in all fairness, if you ride during the day and don't have a uv blocking face shield, then the progrip would probably work fine. Also, if your night riding was primarily in well lit urban areas then you would not have any trouble. For me, I'll be sticking with my sunglasses stuffed under my helmet and digging into my head. They may be slightly uncomfortable, but at least I can see.

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