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The DRZ Gets a Big Brake

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I was tight on cash when I first did the DRZ supermoto conversion. After blowing big bucks on wheels, tires and suspension upgrades, I opted out of upgrading the brakes. I had never had any problems with the DRZ's stopping power when it was in enduro configuration so I thought, how important are big brakes anyway? Besides, who needs to stop? I, was wrong! It seems the stock brakes were just fine for overpowering spindly little knobbies on the road. Slap a fat gummy street tire on there, and it's another story. Stoppies seemed to be easier with the knobbies, but with the shorter height of the street tires, the center of gravity of the DRZ was lower. Stoppies were nearly impossible with the stock brake. Enter, the EBC upgrade kit.

Installing a Larger Tank on the Yamaha WR450F

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Fieldsheer Radar 2 Piece Suit

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O'Neal Racing Typhoon Enduro Jacket

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The O'Neal Typhoon enduro jacket comes in any color you want as long as it's black. Yeah, I know, that was bad. But it's a good jacket.

Honda Shadow 1100 Carburetor Jetting

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Project SV650 Part One, Fork Mod

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The Suzuki SV650 is probably one of ths most fun machines you can buy. They are relatively cheap and the word entry level comes to mind.

Progrip Lens Test

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2001 DRZ400K Long Term Test

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This is a long term report on the Suzuki DRZ400 that I purchased Way back in March of 02.

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