The DRZ Gets a Big Brake

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I was tight on cash when I first did the DRZ supermoto conversion. After blowing big bucks on wheels, tires and suspension upgrades, I opted out of upgrading the brakes. I had never had any problems with the DRZ's stopping power when it was in enduro configuration so I thought, how important are big brakes anyway? Besides, who needs to stop? I, was wrong! It seems the stock brakes were just fine for overpowering spindly little knobbies on the road. Slap a fat gummy street tire on there, and it's another story. Stoppies seemed to be easier with the knobbies, but with the shorter height of the street tires, the center of gravity of the DRZ was lower. Stoppies were nearly impossible with the stock brake. Enter, the EBC upgrade kit.


The kit comes with a 747 sized brake rotor and a relocation bracket for the stock caliper. It also comes with two mounting bolts for the bracket and a smaller set of rivets for the rotor. Supposedly the rotor will shrink after some heat cycles and when the stock rivets get too tight, you're supposed to swap out the red rivets for the silver ones. I'd take EBCs advice and keep an eye on them. If they get tight, you can warp the rotor blade. And yes, I cheaped out again by using the stock caliper instead of a quad puck model.

Of course, the first thing I did was to remove the front wheel. I opted to loosen the rotor bolts before removing the wheel. Knowing that I had locktited the bolts, I thought it would be easier to just loosen them a bit while I had tons of leverage.


Removed the caliper..


Here is the old bracket sitting next to the new GOLD anodized bracket. I had to re-use the old pin. I just removed it from the old bracket and mounted it on the new bracket. In my case, I also had to drill a small hole to mount the sensor for my speedo.


I mounted the new rotor. I made sure to use loctite on the bolts. Better safe than sorry.



I mounted the caliper to the new bracket and checked the fit. I made sure the caliper could slide on the pins and checked the speedo sensor for proper clearance. I ended up having to file down the magnetic bolt just a hair to keep it from hitting the new bracket.


I bolted up the bracket and made sure the pad properly covered the rotor.


Tightening everything up


And, that's it. Big stopping power is now at my fingertips. Next upgrade may be a quad puck caliper and some braided lines. But honestly, it doesn't really need it. Stoppies and front wheel lockups are easily accomplished now.


Yeah, yeah.. I gotta do something about that dirt only fender.


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